Confessions of a PR Intern

Crystal Cansdale, Intern, Clarion Communications

I’m writing this during my third week of work experience at Clarion Communications – where so far I’ve actually had things to do and only made tea two or three times. Probably shouldn’t have said that, they’ll be queuing up now.

The Wonderful World of PR

Julia Coles, Senior Account Manager, Clarion Communications

PR is as busy as it is varied and it’s not very often that I take stock of the experiences I’ve had and the amount of random stuff I have had to learn.   I’ve experienced sponsoring London Fashion Week shows and seeing what it’s like behind the scenes, as well as putting on a fashion show for Fearne Cotton when she launched her own label on, which were both very glamorous.

Running Headlong Into Social Media

Ashley Westgate, PR Assistant, Clarion Communications

A few months ago I took voluntary redundancy in order to kick start a new career for myself – and not having worked in PR before I didn’t really know what to expect when I first walked into the Clarion offices.  One thing’s for sure, I didn’t expect to be launching my own social media platform…but here we are, six weeks later, and I have a little community in the making.

The Fame Game

Matt Stokoe, Associate Director, Clarion Communications

Celebrities. Like timesheets, status reports and early morning photo calls, working with celebs is one of the many joys that everyone who works in PR will have experienced – most tend to be pleasurable and memorable encounters, though there are some ‘sleb’ partnerships which end up being quite the opposite and are rarely spoken about ever again (we all know who the culprits are...).