The Power of Broadcast PR: driving competition entries, boosting website traffic and increasing the nation’s love of potatoes…

Rebecca Binks, account director, Clarion Communications

In the era of tablets and Twitter, it’s easy to forget what a powerful medium TV remains.  It has the capacity to reach a massive audience - according to the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB) we spend more than a day a week watching it, and furthermore, studies suggest that when used alongside other media, it improves brand performance dramatically.

Appy Days

Nicola Carroll, senior account executive, Clarion Communications

Has social media made us a lazy nation? Not only do we keep in contact these days via social networks, forums and blogs but we now also seemingly rely on apps to tell us where we are, what to eat and how to manage our busy lives.

TV’s Best Ever PR. Totally.

Howard Bowden, head of news, Clarion Communications

For the last 20 years, Edina Monsoon - you know, ‘Eddy’ in TV sitcom Absolutely Fabulous - has been the default setting in the minds of the Great British Public when it comes to picturing a PR person in all her or his glory.  As comedy characters go, she was pretty good, and as a caricature for the excesses of PR-dom - particularly for anyone who doesn’t actually work in the industry - she was even better.  Yes sir, no-one could top Eddy as TV’s ultimate fictional PR person.  Until now.

The Final Countdown

Shelley Wyatt, board director, Clarion Communications

I've been getting more and more excited - and a little bit nervous - as the London 2012 countdown reaches single figures because in just a few days I'll be starting my role as a Games Maker.

Please, Please, Please Show Me Your Portfolio

Matt Stokoe, associate director, Clarion Communications

How many times are we told by the media that it’s tough going when it comes to getting a job, especially as there are currently 2.61m* people out of work?

And The Nominations Are…

Lucy Allen (above, second left), board director, Clarion Communications

As awards season begins, it’s hard not to feel bogged down in submissions when you’re already busy with client and agency work. But winning awards is great for business, and time invested in getting those entries right is time really well spent in my book. After picking up several high profile awards last year (have I mentioned scooping PR Week’s Campaign of the Year 2011?), we’re still - eight months on - savouring our success and experiencing tangible benefits to the business.

Holidays are Coming

Pippa Brindley, senior account executive, Clarion Communications

It’s nearly July and there’s a definite sense that summer is here, more or less.  The nights are lighter, the temperature’s rising and we’re starting to spend our weekends out and about in the sunshine or relaxing in beer gardens with a BBQ and a glass of Pimms. Our summer wardrobes are finally making an appearance and as people start to prepare for their long awaited summer trips away, the holiday season is definitely upon us.  Sound familiar?

PR Events: Are They Worth the Money?

Kathryn Webster, account manager, Clarion Communications

It’s fair to say there’s nothing quite as stressful as an event, especially in the world of PR.  From organising logistics to inviting journalists, it’s a never ending battle - and even once it’s over, we still need to secure coverage post-event to make a return on investment and please our clients.

Do You Have Time to Think?

Amanda Meyrick, managing director, Clarion Communications

When was the last time that you stared out of the window and let your mind wander?

Unusual Briefs Are the Norm in PR

Sean Miles, director of prototyping, Designworks

We get our share of unusual briefs here at Designworks, but we recently had one from Clarion that stood out...