Holidays are Coming

Pippa Brindley, senior account executive, Clarion Communications

It’s nearly July and there’s a definite sense that summer is here, more or less.  The nights are lighter, the temperature’s rising and we’re starting to spend our weekends out and about in the sunshine or relaxing in beer gardens with a BBQ and a glass of Pimms. Our summer wardrobes are finally making an appearance and as people start to prepare for their long awaited summer trips away, the holiday season is definitely upon us.  Sound familiar?

In the world of PR, however, it’s not quite so simple.  Little do most people know that the very faint sound of Christmas carols is starting to creep up on us - for July issues of the glossy monthly magazines were filed and closed months ago, and while they are only just landing on the shelves with “news” of this summer’s must-haves, we are pretty much sick of the sight of them.  Long gone are the days of ice creams, sunglasses and flip flops - for PRs, our office is slowly starting to fill up with everything Festive…

Our minds are now occupied by 2012’s number one Christmas toy, the best tasting mince pie and the must-have fur coat of AW13. Magazines are already starting to compile their November issues, and with Yuletide being the golden time of the year for a product to be PR’d, the pressure to be in prime position on those Christmas pages is slowly starting to mount. 

So while everyone gets in to full summer swing, we pack up our beach samples for another year and get in to the Festive spirit, kicking off with the Christmas magazine house shows less than a month away.  So when you’re digging in to your tried and tested Christmas puddings on December 25, think of us, because we’ll be cracking open the Pimms to toast the arrival of summer 2013.  Cheers.

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