The PR Handover - a lot like a big cake…

Niall Hughes, senior account manager, Clarion Communications

It’s gone 8pm, you’re still in the office and you’ve been working solidly for nearly 10 hours - but you’re not stressed out, you’re not frantically pacing by the printer waiting for your press packs for tomorrow’s event to come out, or slowly clearing time ahead of tomorrow’s big national sell-in...

Tales From The Olympic Stadium

 Shelley Wyatt, board director, Clarion Communications

Saturday 4th August was a huge day for me - not just because it was my birthday but because it was the day I started my first shift as a Games Maker in the Olympic Stadium Press Operations, Mixed Zone team.

In Praise of Clare

Howard Bowden, head of news, Clarion Communications

Dear Clare, I admit it: I got you all wrong.  We somehow never saw eye to eye in the past, because - and I’ll be frank here - I always thought you were a bit horsey, and a bit posho, and mainly because whenever I turned over to find you on BBC1 on a Saturday it meant I’d just missed Football Focus.

Can You Measure PR?

Alexandra Gerolami, senior account manager, Clarion Communications

Most people outside of the industry don’t really have a clue what PR is - and few can say how we are able to ‘physically’ show the success of a PR campaign.

Olympic Factor Helps Becks Notch 20 Millionth Facebook Like

Nicola Carroll, senior account executive, Clarion Communications

Earlier this week, footballer, national institution and bit of stuff David Beckham posted this photo on his Facebook page to announce he has reached 20 million Likes. The pic was posted alongside a big thank you to all his fans:

Did a lack of decent PR leave Madonna with an MDNA comedown?

James Watts, associate director, Clarion Communications

Madonna is currently touring the world to promote her latest album MDNA - a record which sold 359,000 copies in its first week of release in the US, before sales fell by a whopping 88 percent the following week to just 46,000. Such a massive and immediate drop in sales has never been seen before.