Deliver Us From Last Delivery Dates

Elizabeth Bateman, account manager, Clarion Communications

Yuletide greetings, savvy shoppers.  And of course the particularly savvy shoppers amongst us will avoid the crush this year and do the bulk of their Christmas shopping online. It’s the easy solution to your festive prayers: no need to brave the cold, and you can beat the rush - and the elbow digs - to ensure all your Christmas parcels are signed, sealed, delivered and yours.
There’s only one pitfall to the plan, and that’s the dreaded ‘last delivery dates’. Each year we hear of those who have been good (Argos, Waterstones and Marks & Spencer to name a few), and then there are those who have been bad (you know who you are).  So for goodness sake, order in plenty of time.  It will reduce stress levels and may even save you a few pennies, so more of your hard earned cash can go on presents.

Follow these simple tips to make sure you don’t fall prey to the perils of last minute delivery:
  1. Check with each individual retailer for their order cut-off dates in December 
  2. Some retailers determine delivery dates on location, so check beforehand 
  3. The longer you leave it to order, the more likely you will have to pay higher delivery charges, time is key

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