Increased susceptibility to PR and Marketing at Christmas

Sam Payne, account executive, Clarion Communications

At a time of year when Westernised people are expected to lavish each other with gifts - some useful, some dubious - there’s potentially room to take advantage of the consumer when they enter the annual festive spending frenzy.

Brits seem to relax on any frugality that has been present in their day-to-day lives throughout the year and accept that spending money is, on the most part, a necessity at Christmas.  It could be said that these consumers are more susceptible to marketing and PR campaigns in the run up to December 25, as the first barrier for making them want to spend money is already broken down.

Due to the fact that consumers tend to increase their spending at this time of year, they also tend to be more accepting of free products; this leaves an opportunity to increase brand awareness through getting branded freebies into consumers’ homes.  The crucial factor to this is providing the consumer with relevant branded freebies, and objects that are used day-to-day, so that the branding can be taken in subconsciously - such as free branded wrapping paper, sticky tape or ribbon with a product.  Alternatively, brands could provide freebies that are relevant to the season in a different way i.e. umbrellas, scarves or gloves.

Either way, there’s scope for brands to fully take advantage of this increased expenditure and susceptibility to campaigns.  The question is: in which way to do it?

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