Digital Predictions for 2015 from Clarion

Is your brand ready to become a publisher this year? It should be, according to Clarion’s Digital Account Director, James Mulrennan. He spoke to Gorkana and shared his thoughts on what will shape the digital landscape this year. Read the full article here.

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Clarion’s Campaign for Aunt Bessie’s ‘Chicken v Beef in the Battle of the Batter’ - featured in February’s edition of PR Week

To get mums thinking about serving Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire Puddings with chicken – the UK’s favourite roast - we approached the world’s most prestigious debating society,  The Oxford Union, and asked them to debate the merits of serving Yorkshire puddings with chicken instead of more traditional beef. Blanket national coverage, widespread debate and a 3.2% sales increase was the successful result. This campaign has also been shortlisted for a PR Moment Award.

‘Behind the Headlines with... Gary Freemantle’ - Clarion CEO speaks to Gorkana

This week, Gorkana caught up with our very own Gary Freemantle. Clarion’s CEO shares everything from his current read to his naughty chocolate habits.  

Read the full article here