What a buzz

Sandra Tortajada, PR Assistant, Clarion Communications

I've always wanted to be in the papers, and since working at Clarion, it’s become a reality – but I never thought I’d find out while on a crammed Tube on the way to work reading Metro.

Brands should get more sociable on Social Media

Habib Amir, Head of Digital, Clarion Communications

Stream 2011 delegates agree 'Not every post needs to be about selling'

Brands need to campaign less and instead become more sociable when it comes to social media – one of my conclusions from Stream 2011, the three-day global ‘unconference’ organised by WPP Digital.

It’s not rocket science – it’s PR and I love it

Katy Jameson, Account Executive, Clarion Communications

This is my fourth week at Clarion and I’m really enjoying myself.  I’ve joined the agency after spending over a year in technology and B2B PR – previously, I worked in-house at a large supermarket chain but decided to try tech to broaden my experience and industry knowledge.

Preparing for the Macmillan De’Longhi Art Auction

Maddalena Pinto, Account Manager, Clarion Communications

It’s six months since I joined Clarion, and the big event everyone seems to be talking about is the annual Macmillan De’Longhi Art Auction happening later this month (27 September).

PR Leads to Trust, Leads to Sales

Gary Freemantle, CEO, Clarion Communications

Imagine the scene: an all-agency meeting with the client to discuss the next steps for Brand X.  The client is edgy – the economic climate is dire and he, or she, is under increased pressure to deliver on sales targets.  Each agency is being pressed harder than ever to defend their territory and prove that their discipline will make a real impact on sales…

Work Experience At Clarion: Or, Why Admin’s Not That Bad

Beth Yarwood-Smith, Intern, Clarion Communications

Just recently, I entered the Clarion offices for two weeks’ work experience.  Five weeks earlier, I’d attended an interview - or, as it turned out, ‘just a meet-up to check you haven’t got three heads or something’. That test confidently passed, I waited for the lift and got a 10-second glimpse of my first PR agency and thought: that’s a lot of magazines.

Christmas Comes Early

Kathryn Platt, Account Executive, Clarion Communications

So it’s a lovely, hot sunny day and I’m stood outside Marco Pierre White’s restaurant in central London with a box of Christmas decorations.