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Sandra Tortajada, PR Assistant, Clarion Communications

I've always wanted to be in the papers, and since working at Clarion, it’s become a reality – but I never thought I’d find out while on a crammed Tube on the way to work reading Metro.

It was only a couple of days before my ‘claim to fame’ that I was asked by a colleague to take part in a photoshoot to launch the 'Magners Bee Aid campaign' a bid to save 1.5 million urban bees in the UK and Ireland.  Being a cider fan, and after finding out that without the help of the honey bees there simply wouldn’t be any Magners Cider, I happily agreed to take part.

The campaign involved Magners teaming up with the British Beekeepers Association - and a couple of days later there I was being photographed in a 10-storey high building in the City as two beekeepers delivered a brand new beehive to the roof top.

After 50 takes or so, we moved on to the next scenario that involved me sharing an elevator with the beekeepers delivering the hive to the roof.  Once again…it’s not something you see on a daily basis, so you can imagine the amount of strange looks we received from executive-looking passers-by.

The elevator shot in particular makes me laugh every single time - oh, the random things we do to get coverage.  It is however, a gentle reminder as to why Clarion is an award-winning PR company - we go above and beyond and work together to support our clients and produce creative campaigns which we believe in.

And the story received great coverage, we had fun doing it and it created a few laughs around the office. Bravo.

I’ve worked here at Clarion just short of eight months and this is one of the many weird and wonderful adventures that I have been a part of. Stay tuned for the ones to come.

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