One Size Doesn’t Fit All in the World of PR

Cat Cambridge, senior account executive, Clarion Communications

I started my PR career at a small agency in Reading four years ago and when I say small, I mean fairly tiny - I was one of only five.  I loved my time there for many reasons: it felt like a little family, everyone always knew what everyone else was doing and best of all I gained a lot of experience very quickly.

William Hague or Ferris Bueller: Who Holds the Answer to Economic Austerity?

Jonathan Smith, associate director, Clarion Communications

Foreign Secretary William Hague recently declared there is only one solution to Britain's economic problems: hard work.  While the same week I attended a training session in which we were told to stop rushing and think more. And that got me thinking…

Getting Started

Sophie Dee-Shapland, intern, Clarion Communications

“Gherkin? Banana?”
“Ohh, G-o-r-k-a-n-a.  Er, what’s that…?”

Words that are commonplace to PR professionals are foreign territory for newcomers.  And nearing the end of my work placement at Clarion, I realise that I’ve learnt a lot in a relatively short space of time.  The past few weeks have been my first experience of PR and so initially I didn’t know what to expect.Reminiscent of the childhood experience of starting ‘big school’, the first day was a learning curve.  In fact being shown around a new office is a bit like learning the dynamics of a high school, minus the Mean Girls vibe.  I tentatively awaited my initiation but thankfully - apart from learning to use industry-standard media database Gorkana - there wasn’t one.  

The 10 PR Commandments

Louisa Jarvis, account director, Clarion Communications

We take PR very seriously. You might even say religiously. So we’ve applied the famous biblical principles of good human behaviour to the life of a PR professional - to help PRs like us stay on the right side of He Who Must Be Obeyed*.

Who’s Winning Gold in the ‘Summer Sporting Event’ Sponsorship Awareness Stakes?

Niall Hughes, senior account manager, Clarion Communications

With the world’s biggest sporting event taking place on our doorstep shortly, most PRs will have worked on at least one activity tying their clients to ‘the games’ - but is there room for everyone, and as PRs should we be advising clients to stay away from the branding bloodbath?

The Importance of Maintaining a Work/Life Balance

Laura Jones, associate director, Clarion Communication

PR is more than a job - in fact it’s often more than a career, and can sometimes become all consuming.  To work in PR you have to live it, and you have to love it - but this can sometimes leave us burning a little too much midnight oil.

Are Brands Linking with Charities for Extra PR Leverage or Does Corporate Altruism Truly Exist?

Maddalena Pinto, account manager, Clarion Communications

More and more brands are developing strategies involving charity link-ups as well as celebrity endorsements - and one wonders if this is because corporate altruism has hit an all time high, OR if finally we’ve reached a point where supporting a charity guarantees better media coverage. From tailors linking to support male cancer to a giant egg hunt around London to save elephants in Africa, it seems no brand is exempt. 

When a Day Job Turns into a Hobby: A Wine PR's Take on Her First WSET Class

Katy Jameson, Senior Account Executive, Clarion Communications

WSET is the Wine and Spirits Education Trust - renowned throughout the Drinks trade as the school for anyone whose enjoyment or association with all things alcoholic goes beyond just drinking it.

PRs In London Need A Short Sharp Slap

Gary Freemantle, CEO, Clarion Communications

I could just leave it at that I suppose, and there'd be a few nods of general agreement. But what I'm referring to is the ‘London bubble’: walk down any central London street of an early evening and you'll find people spilling out of pubs, even on a Monday (and don't even attempt to buy a pint on a Friday). Try to book a fancy restaurant for a celebration and they can probably squeeze you in at 6pm on a Tuesday in November if you vacate the table by 6.30 AND leave a 90% deposit. Because of course London is a country within a country, an international mega-city still increasing in global popularity, fuelled by the City and by massive investment from prosperous countries around the world.

Why Ridley Scott chose to take the Transmedia path to publicity for Prometheus

James Watts, senior account director, Clarion Communications

When you're creating a prequel to a film which is over 35 years old, how do you ensure the modern generation of cinema-goers can get excited about it?