The 10 PR Commandments

Louisa Jarvis, account director, Clarion Communications

We take PR very seriously. You might even say religiously. So we’ve applied the famous biblical principles of good human behaviour to the life of a PR professional - to help PRs like us stay on the right side of He Who Must Be Obeyed*.

The 10 PR Commandments

1. Thou shalt have no other gods before thy client.
2. Thou shalt not lay with the talent. Or a journalist for that matter. Unless it’s likely to get you really good coverage.
3. Thou shalt complete thy timesheets on time if it kills you.
4. Thou shalt not include a typo in any piece of work, or thou shalt be subject to a flogging.
5. Thou shalt dedicate the Sabbath Day to a Sunday-for-Monday sell-in.
6. Thou shalt not steal from the sample room.
7. Thou shalt make the advertorial approval process as painstaking as is humanly possible.
8. Thou shalt not take thy client's name in vain. Not even if thoust is having a really bad day.
9. Thou shalt honour thy FD.
10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's coverage - even if thoust are both in the running for Coverage of the Month.

*The Boss

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