The Top 10 Festive Stories 2012, Probably

Jonathan Smith, associate director, Clarion Communications

Like everyone else, for us PRs Christmas comes but once a year - and for the next few weeks it's certain to take over the world of media.
Starting from, er, about now, there’s sure to be a bounty of stories, from seasonal standards that make the papers every year to the more creative stunts and events that hit the headlines.

For this short period of time look out for how PRs make the best use of this content-rich festive feast - from world record breaking Santas to the useless gifts we receive and the meteoric rise of on-line sales.

In the meantime, and in the sprit of the season, here’s my Top 10 predictions for Christmas stories to look out for:
1. Santas on a roller coaster
2. Top 10 office party faux pas
3. Celebrity on a giant Christmas tree
4. Lights switch on with boy/girl band
5. On-line sales the day before Christmas Eve
6. Weather and strikes grind Christmas to a halt
7. Best/worst presents to re-gift
8. Heston's new Xmas pud
9. All time top Christmas TV moments
10. Price of Turkey

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