The Power of Broadcast PR: driving competition entries, boosting website traffic and increasing the nation’s love of potatoes…

Rebecca Binks, account director, Clarion Communications

In the era of tablets and Twitter, it’s easy to forget what a powerful medium TV remains.  It has the capacity to reach a massive audience - according to the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB) we spend more than a day a week watching it, and furthermore, studies suggest that when used alongside other media, it improves brand performance dramatically.

Earlier this year, one of my clients just so happened to discover this first hand, when wonderful celebrity chef James Martin dared to take on ITV’s Loose Women - all in the name of the Great British Spud.  Sat among the loose ladies for a matter of minutes, his short time on the small screen talking about the humble potato saw traffic to my client’s website reach an all-time high and competition entries come flooding in.

And what’s more it was completely free.

This of course meant a very happy client indeed - but I’m sure most PRs will agree that while the impact of TV is huge, one mustn’t underestimate the power of traditional print and online.

If you are to take one thing away from my blog today, remember, a good PR campaign should still contain a generous helping of print combined carefully with equal parts of online, mixed generously with a pinch of social media.  And topped with a dash of broadcast to taste.


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