The Final Countdown

Shelley Wyatt, board director, Clarion Communications

I've been getting more and more excited - and a little bit nervous - as the London 2012 countdown reaches single figures because in just a few days I'll be starting my role as a Games Maker.

Two years ago, I registered my interest in volunteering for the Olympics: one application form, one interview, one trip to collect my uniform and one venue training session later and I'm pretty much ready to go. The amazing news is that I have got the best gig you could imagine. Using my PR experience, I'll be part of the press operations team, based inside the Olympic Stadium working in the Mixed Zone (the area where the athletes are interviewed by the media as they leave the field).

I've been to the stadium to see where I'll be working and was hugely impressed with how slick and organised everything appears to be. Most of all I've enjoyed meeting all the people who will be working alongside me on this once in a lifetime adventure. All share the same infectious energy, enthusiasm and sense of wonder that we are some of the lucky few who have been given the best venue to work in. I cannot wait.

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