Do You Have Time to Think?

Amanda Meyrick, managing director, Clarion Communications

When was the last time that you stared out of the window and let your mind wander?

It's said that some of the world's greatest minds - writers, poets, artists - regularly spend hours at a time letting their minds wander, which they say is a fundamental element of their creative brilliance.  In fact, Leonardo Da Vinci had a bed in his studio to ensure that he took breaks from the physical process of creating to contemplate the next brilliant thought.

Let your mind wander - Many people get their ideas during breaks from work, commuting or even sitting in the bath; the common denominator being that ideas come when the mind isn't occupied with anything in particular.  We are all so worried about getting the next thing done, ticking it off the To Do list that we rarely allow ourselves time to pause and think.

Do a bit of nothing - We exist in a work culture that doesn't reward those that sit around staring into space.  But perhaps we should encourage it a bit more, and capture a bit of the Leonardo spirit by disconnecting from what stops you thinking - and turn off email, Twitter and Facebook, take the iPod earphones out of your ears and gaze out of the window.  I bet productive thoughts will ensue (after planning what you are going to eat for lunch, of course).

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