How Instagram Clicked With Social Media

Melissa Clayton, PR assistant, Clarion Communications

Online photo-sharing and social networking service Instagram has taken the world by storm. To date there are over 100 million users uploading pictures to filter and share amongst other devoted ‘instagrammers’ every day - the most popular of which rack up ‘likes’ into the five figure bracket or more.

To ignore a ‘pop phenomenon’ of this magnitude would be a PR lost opportunity to say the least, which is why we were delighted  our clients Lindt chocolate agreed to provide us with a car disguised as a gold bunny to deliver their 2013 Easter range promo packs and goodies to journalists around London.

I mean, call me biased but that is one shining bunny of gloriousness  #filterKelvin

Of course I wasn’t the only one that took advantage of the branded and bunnified Lindt mobile to share with my followers. Whilst greeting journalists they were keen to have pictures and share amongst their own publication followers. Not just on Instagram but among their other social network accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

The girls at ELLE in particular took a liking to our Bunny transport (see above).

Like most photo-sharing and social networking devices that have turned into a ‘pop phenomenon’ it would be foolish not to piggyback on its success.  Like a group of recent graduates who have come up with  who aim to bring the printed photo back.

The company offer a service to take a customer’s instagram pictures and print them on Polaroid style film paper.

Introducing the instagram users, insta_animal a riduclous (-ly cute) account who upload very silly and entertaining images of animals. Yes, I am a softy but I continuously ‘coo’ over these images and hey, if 1.3 million other followers obviously do the same I can’t be that sad surely?  Insta_animal’s uploads receive likes of up to 97,682 just for one single picture.

I think it would only be sensible to leave you with one of my favourites - enjoy.

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