Celebs’ Private Lives in an Instant with Instavid

Scarlett Such, account executive, Clarion Communications

Everybody loves Instagram.  Who doesn’t love snooping into the private lives of celebrities or spying on what your faux friends are up to? There’s been the odd argument that people over-share when it comes to posting their favourite snaps online - and when it comes to seeing what your friend had for breakfast, lunch and dinner; there is probably a line to be drawn somewhere.

However, we have welcomed the brand new Instavid with open arms: we get to see the Kardashians actually eating ice cream or Snooki from Jersey Shore pumping iron in real-time. Does it get any better than that?  In my humble opinion, Instavid has blown Vine out the water. Vine - what’s Vine?  See, we’ve forgotten about it already. That little thing where Twitter decided to introduce a seven second video sharing tool.

Well suck on Instavid, Vine! Instavid is a whole 15 seconds of video sharing goodness.

We praise you Instagram. Let there be many more moments of video sharing to come...

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