So Black Friday gave way to Cyber Monday last week, followed by Giving Tuesday – anymore for anymore? Luckily by mid-week the additional titles seemed to drop off the days of the week. That said, the combination of the two key pre-Christmas sales days, drove mass social media chatter.

It wasn’t just major retailers who got involved in #BlackFriday. For those facing the tiring prospects of lugging those 48inch TV’s home, had no need to fear as Tennent’s Lager launched #BlackTFriday, a taxi fleet to treat tired shoppers to a free ride and premium lager

Two major hacks took place this week
Well actually it was one; the other was orchestrated by the company.  How better to promote Honda’s car deals than through a social takeover ‘by the power of grey skull’, well He-Man’s nemesis Skeletor!

What was first thought to be a hack was quickly revealed to be a fun and ingenious idea by the car brand to engage with its audience. We’d love to have been in the boardroom when that idea was sold in!

On a more worrying note, Sony Pictures had a major security breach last week, resulting in several leaks. This week, two films were leaked online, Brad Pitt’s Fury and the upcoming remake of Annie. A group called Guardians of the Peace claimed responsibility for the leaks

Future of storytelling
Ahead of Mashable’s Media Summit taking place today, the online channel invited users to submit their tips for the future of storytelling via the hashtag #MediaSummitContest. The website provides their top 20 whilst the full list can be viewed via Twitter.

56% of online display ads are not seen by consumers
In Google’s first ad-viewability study, the world No.1 search engine has stated that over half of display ads are not seen by consumers. The report, which centres on impressions taken from a wide range of global publishers, from small sites such as blogs to national newspapers, across Google’s Display Network (GDN), DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick ad Exchange, currently focuses on display ads but will later be expanded to cater for video and more granular mobile metrics. 

Twitter upgrade for iOS and Android
The social media platform has updated its photo filters, allowing users to amend an image once added to a Tweet. The move highlights the competitiveness against Instagram, with many tools resembling the image based platforms. 

Microsoft and Yahoo respond to European 'right to be forgotten' requests
Privacy was hot on the news agenda this week as Microsoft and Yahoo joined Google by responding to the May ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union requiring search engines to delete “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant” data when requested to by a member of the public.

69% are worried about the privacy of their photos on social networking sites
According to research conducted by UK start-up KatchUp, over half of the public prefer to use email as main method of sharing photos with family online as they are worried about online safety. According to the report published on The Drum, current barriers for sharing with families online include the time it takes to filter the photos (49 per cent), a fear of data collection on existing social media (33 per cent) and a dislike of ads (17 per cent).

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