Every year there are surprising news moments that really grab the media’s attention, providing them with great copy for news stories and comment pieces. Clarion Communications spoke to a few journalists to get their views on the ones that particularly stood out in 2014, from the selfie to the referendum, and the ice bucket to the ‘consciously uncoupling’.

Kim Kardashian's "break the internet" photos
Her nude photoshoot for Paper magazine seemed to take over the web, causing meltdown on social media and leading to newspapers running a selection of the shots. The champagne shot has been repeated numerous times.

Ice Bucket challenge
The viral videos were the gift that kept on giving to social media and charity. Apparently coming from nowhere it dominated social media became a source of stories and discussion in mainstream media.
An almost never-ending list of A-List celebrities jumped on the bandwagon. It prompted coverage on ALS disease.

Scottish Referendum
The "Yes" campaign turned out to be considerably stronger than commentators had anticipated. With days to go polls showed the two camps were level-pegging, leading the 'no' campaign to roll out the big guns.

Renee Zellweger's face
Appearing in front of the cameras for the ElleWomen in Hollywood Awards, she looked unrecognisable as the star of Bridget Jones, prompting intense speculation over her apparent transformation.

U2 album giveaway
The band gave their album away to absolutely everyone on iTunes for free - The giveaway of 'Songs of Innocence' entered history books as it was the largest album-release ever, with 500 million people receiving it. However it wasn’t to everyone’s taste, with some people complaining they’d received an album on iTunes they didn’t want  

David Moyes sacking 
Manchester United sacked David Moyes after less than a season in charge. Moyes, 51, was given the tough task of taking on the most famous club in the world but was given the boot before even finishing his first season. His record at the club was not actually dissimilar to Sir Alex Ferguson's first season in charge - and his start was not as bad as Louis Van Gaal's.

Chris & Gwyneth break up
Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow decided to "consciously uncouple" - The Coldplay singer, 37, and the 41 year old actress shocked everyone with their split and the way they went about it. They even coined a bizarre new term for it - "consciously uncoupling." Chris went on to stun people further not long after by dating star Jennifer Lawrence, 13 years his junior.  

BBC Three axed from TV
Many were shocked and infuriated at the announcement in March as the channel is widely loved and renowned as a platform for comedy. The controller of the channel, Zai Bennett, quit after it was announced and slammed the decision. A host of big name comedians rallied together, starting a petition to save the show.

Germany wipe the floor with Brazil
Germany smashing hosts Brazil 7-1 in the World Cup semi-final - The German thrashing of Brazil left viewers shocked and the host nation heartbroken. The game, which was the most tweeted about thing in 2014, was especially stunning as no major football nation had ever been destroyed at this stage of competition in such fashion.

The "Oscar selfie"

TV host Ellen DeGeneres' star-studded selfie at the Oscars took social media by storm and became the most retweeted photo on Twitter ever, creating great publicity for Samsung. The photo has racked up more than 3.3 million retweets.

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