Barbara Normile, account director, Clarion Communications, part of the WPP group

Despite the huge advances in the way we’ve communicated throughout history - from speech to writing and carrier pigeons to telephones, Morse code and the internet - the disparity of communication standards and the accessibility of modern methods in the world still astounds me.

For example, the information communicated by the Korean Central News Agency (KNCA) of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea to you and me) is tragi-comic to today’s ‘sophisticated’ Western communicator - in that what is wholly transparent to us in the UK as fabrications, deceptions and falsehoods, is unbelievably seen as is the gospel truth to the citizens of North Korea.

The KCNA offers an example of dishonest communications from high-ranking officials who have embraced the latest communication tools, such as the internet - while denying the masses around them.  It highlights the importance of open, balanced news reporting and freedom of the press which is so vital to democracy.

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