Video Killed The Radio Star? Not Always…

Cat Cambridge, senior account executive, Clarion Communication, part of the WPP group

Compared with TV ads, viral videos are more likely to be recalled not just generally but by brand and message too.  So when it works, viral marketing is definitely worth investing in for any campaign. But it’s certainly a challenge, for with every successful viral video, a hundred more go unseen.

If you are considering viral video marketing for your next brand campaign, take the following viral video test.  And if your proposed video doesn’t have AT LEAST three of these elements then you may want to think again:

  • Buzz - is it likely to be shared?
  • Distinctive - is it original?
  • Awareness - does it create brand awareness?
  • Celebrity - get Kelly Brook involved and you’re onto a winner
  • Is it between 30 seconds and 2 minutes - any longer and it will probably get skipped
  • Do the "would I like this and share it?" test - if you’re thinking honestly yes, then other people probably will too 

The moral of this story? Creating a hit viral video is like creating a hit record - it’s really difficult, and despite popular belief making a YouTube video takes time, expertise and equipment. However if you keep it simple and create a video that people will want to watch and share, then you will be able to engage with people and get your message out there, whatever that message is.

I will leave you with a video advert that went viral because it’s just so funny…

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