The summer forecast: sun with a chance of news

Niall Hughes, senior account manager, Clarion Communications, part of the WPP group

The sun is shining and the metaphorical mercury is rising, which can only mean the onset of the summer silly season. Every year PRs plot wackier and zanier picture stunts and surveys to coincide with this most bizarre of seasons - but what are they up against?

Summer is a time when the UK press goes to war with any other country that thinks it’s warmer than us - it’s only April and already this year the papers have declared we’re hotter than Madrid and the Sahara. We also see that not-so-rare of sights, ‘totty on the beach’, usually found on England’s unseasonably warm sea-fronts and hailing from local universities (although this can sometimes go terribly wrong when 'normal' looking people are photographed by accident).

This raises the question, what should PRs be aware of in the coming months? Here are some predicted headlines to illustrate what’s in store outside the obvious Olympics and Jubilee madness:

You’re blooming early - Photography of flowers in unseasonably early bloom/ animal mating rituals seen earlier than usual due to the unexpected heat

Britain’s hosepipe peril - The annual hosepipe ban will be seen to destroy middle England’s lawns, so expect stories on the amount of water wasted by the UK’s dilapidated water works

Britain’s hottest summer ever is on the way - Let’s see if 2012 can beat the 38.5oC that was predicted for August 2010, or the 28oC anticipated for the hottest end to September ever in 2011

Brits go BBQ-ing mad - Brits buy out every BBQ set in the land as we take advantage of the weather while it lasts

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