Top 5 Viral Videos brands can learn from

Habib Amir, head of digital, Clarion Communications, part of the WPP Group

Too often, brands pro-actively ask their audience to share a branded video with their friends in the hope it will go viral.  And if this has to be requested by the brand, it usually means the video doesn’t have the potential to go viral.  In fact, if a brand is sure about the quality of the video, it can even afford to ask its audience the opposite.

So why do people want to share videos? There are many factors for viral engagement and distribution, but the top five factors I have noticed are excitement, playfulness, the element of surprise, amusement and authenticity. So here are my Top 5 videos which embody these characteristics:

1 - Excitement
Coca-Cola Happiness Machine

VIEWS: 4,536,296

2 - Playfulness 
T-Mobile Angry Birds Live

VIEWS: 11,759,948

3 – The element of surprise
Ape With AK-47

VIEWS: 21,028,449

4 - Amusement
Star Wars Kid

VIEWS: 25,062,678

5 - Authenticity
David After Dentist

VIEWS: 108,868,063

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