Cluster Tea-making Politics

Oli Bowen, account executive, Clarion Communications

Ah, tea. The nation’s favourite (behind water, that is).  Our nation’s go-to in an emergency, if we have a hangover and, well, for all those awkward silent moments where no-one has anything to say.  Other than ’tea anyone?’

However, as much as it can be our saviour, it can also be problematic.

Take our office for example.  Roughly 60.2 billion cups of tea were consumed in Britain last year, of which, 65% (very roughly) was consumed in Clarion.  In fact, I’ll go as far to say we at Clarion go through a brand new kettle every two weeks.
Sound familiar?  Ok, so I think we’d all agree that there’s awful lot of tea drunk in the office.

Don’t get me wrong, each office cluster will vary dramatically.  But let’s face it; I think we can all agree that, inevitably, as a result of this popular daily activity - along with the tireless scrutiny that comes hand-in-hand with working alongside a bunch of demanding, articulate, time-conscious professionals - we’ll all be involved in some form of cluster ‘tea-making’ politics (some clusters more than others of course).

Since joining Clarion, I’ve learnt that the fine art of being able to consistently deliver to your beloved cluster’s enquired taste, and needs, is almost as challenging as nailing the next big press release - get it wrong and there could be resentments for months.

I should stress that I love a good cuppa, especially when someone else makes it (unless they replace the sugar with salt, that is).  But, the crux of the matter is this: ‘cluster tea-making’ is a whole new ball game; a job in itself, some would say.

You really do need to have everything, er, down to a ‘T’ to serve well in the wonderful world that is PR.

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