Is Creating New Content the Biggest Challenge Facing PR?

Katy Jameson, senior account executive, Clarion Communications

News is on a constant cycle - and in our fast-paced world, where we have access to both real-time updates online, as well as daily newspapers and both weekly and monthly magazines, I think it's almost irrefutable that every PR story has been done before.

A PR’s job is to be as innovative and creative as possible, to generate exciting content that journalists will clamour to publish.  But it can be increasingly difficult to come up with something really 'new'.

Does this make the content boring?  And does this mean we'll eventually run out of things to say on behalf of our brands and stop being able to capture attention, change perceptions and entertain?

No.  Because I believe that just as people evolve and the media evolves, so do our stories.  The challenge is just to do it better.  So much better, in fact, that people forget it was ever done before.

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