Making PR Accountable

Laura Jones, associate director, Clarion Communications

With all budgets under the microscope these days it’s essential that any marketing discipline can prove return on investment to survive.  But while Media Buyers have ‘opportunities to see', and Digital Marketers have clicks, likes and retweets, showing the true value of PR over and above advertising value equivalent (AVE) and number of cuts can be difficult.

Which is why we should remember that PR, when done correctly, can affect true change.  It can change attitudes towards a product or service; it can affect our understanding of what a brand stands for; it can drive sales through the roof; and it can make members of the public brand advocates and ambassadors. Therefore to understand the true value of any PR campaign, time and money should be invested into bespoke evaluation, to better understand the complex human emotions and actions which follow editorial endorsement.  Only then can will we understand just how valuable PR is.

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