PR: It Can Be a Bit Fabulous

Alexandra Gerolami, senior account manager, Clarion Communications

I started my first internship in PR at 14 - and preparing a catwalk show was at the time the most exciting thing I had ever done, even though the experience was far from glamorous.  I spent most of my time in an archive room organising dusty press books and franking mail (and there are a lot of envelopes to mail out when preparing a catwalk show) but the excitement and the non-stop buzz - and the fact that I was backstage at the show - got me hooked straight away.

Now some years later my days are filled with sell-ins, press releases, follow-ups and deadlines (and the odd party). What do I love most about it?  Working with teams of passionate people, getting unique insights into the industries I work for, supporting brands I believe in and achieving the ultimate pieces of coverage.  It’s not Ab Fab every day but it IS a bit fabulous.

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