It’s a Small World

Laura Nye, account manager, Clarion Communications

The internet has made the world smaller and more accessible in a relatively short period of time - when I was growing up if we wanted to speak with relatives in Australia or America it was either by phone (expensive) or by letter.  And the time it took to get a response could be weeks or even months.  Now, with the use of Skype and social media, the world has become an incredibly small and more accessible place - with communication from the UK to both Australia and the US taking seconds, not weeks.

The internet and the wonderful things it allows us to do have revolutionised the way we live, meet people and keep in contact with friends; and the numerous dating and friends reunited websites, not to mention Facebook and Twitter, let us keep in contact with family and friends, so you never really feel as though they are thousands of miles away; when I’m Skyping my brother in New York it doesn’t feel as if he’s the other side of the Atlantic - he could be round the corner for the closeness it feels.

There ARE a few pit-falls when it comes to the internet:  the misuse of social media sites to torment and bully people, including celebrities, is becoming common place.  So is explicit content which is open to everyone including children who have access to computers 24/7, not to mention the dangers of paedophiles and dangerous people posing as someone they shouldn’t.

But...the enormous advantages of the World Wide Web and how it has made the world a smaller place and changed the way we live forever, definitely outweigh the minor few who use it for unsavoury ends.

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