Jumping Through Hoops

Rachel McCartan, senior account executive, Clarion Communications

It’s a big year for Britain - and with the onslaught of the Olympics and the Jubilee, PRs everywhere are limbering up to get the ball rolling on their biggest news hooks of 2012.

In this summer’s competitive arena, the question is: how can PRs cut through the vuvuzelas to land that precious story across the nationals?  Can we create a cake marathon, or hold a record-breaking egg and spoon race?  You could report on the sky-rocketing number of Brits who have been inspired by Olympic fever and are now holding their own version of the Games.  I’m warming to the theme and have no doubt all of these ideas will reach the dizzying heights of success.

It’s clearly going to be a competitive space, so can PRs create something so spectacular it will make the cut?

The answer is yes - as long as you’ve had it cleared by your legal team. And you’ve applied for a permit from the Queen’s planning brigade or the Olympic board.  And you don’t mention the word ‘Olympic’.  Or the Queen and her dogs.  I’m exaggerating, but it’s a tricky one to master.

Once these small formalities are in place, you have all you need to land the perfect PR story - which should be easy among reports of the sporting activity itself, stadium celeb spots and horror congestion stories in addition to booze Britain at its finest.

On second thought, instead of jumping through hoops to land something totally brilliant, I’m saying no.  I’ll pass the baton thanks.

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