The Power of the Brainstorm

Kathryn Platt, account executive, Clarion Communications
The good old brainstorm - or ‘thought shower’ as it should now be called if you’re being politically correct - is an essential technique used by PRs to generate creative ideas.  But is the brainstorm still effective within busy agency life?

I say 100 % yes.  We may work in a fast paced environment and things can get a little hectic, but I believe that brainstorms are an integral part of a PR practitioner’s life. They challenge an agency to keep its creative juices flowing, and to come up with great ideas and new ways of working.  No matter how busy we are as an agency, everyone takes time out to work together in brainstorms to come up with new ideas for existing or potential clients.

At Clarion we conduct brainstorms in a quiet, open and inviting environment away from the hustle and bustle of the office.  It’s here that we are able to bounce ideas around, which are then developed into award-winning campaigns. The rule at Clarion is ‘no idea is a bad idea’ - and with that in mind we defied all sense and logic by placing Chantelle Houghton on the top of a Christmas tree for our ‘Lakeside’s Living Christmas Fairy’ campaign. The result: PR Week’s prestigious Campaign of the Year Award 2011.

And as an FYI to all, chocolates and sweets are always a nice touch to help increase productivity within a brainstorm…

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